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Microblading Treatment

Microblading is a semi-permanent method of getting shapely, fuller eyebrows that still look natural. This tattooing technique creates tiny, micro-strokes that look like your own eyebrow hairs. Microblading can fill in sparse eyebrows, enhance thinning brows, or replace eyebrows altogether for those that no longer have their own. Also, ask us about Micro-shading for a more 3-Dimensional look!

During eyebrow microblading, your aesthetic expert uses a special tool to tattoo your eyebrows on one hair at a time. The first step is planning how you want your eyebrows to look, and mapping out the shape with a special marking pencil on your skin to create a template. Once your desired shape is achieved, your provider will place the numbing cream on for 20 minutes and then begin the procedure.

Microblading can take up to two hours to complete and it could last up to 12 - 18 months before a touch-up is required to boost the color and enhance the shape. The benefit is that you can get up out of bed in the morning and not have to spend valuable time penciling in your eyebrows each day! The procedure is minimally painful and delivers immediate results with no downtime.


Lash Lift & Tint

Lash lifts, unlike lash extensions ― which involve adhering false inserts to the lash line to create fullness ― are all about enhancing what you already have.

The procedure requires little effort and lasts longer than eyelash extensions with fewer potential side effects. You can also customize your results from the shape of the curl to adding a a tint if you don't plan on wearing mascara every day.

During your lash lift appointment, we separate your lower and upper lashes and apply a silicone pad to your upper lid. We then glue your lashes to the pad to start shaping your eyelashes into a deeper curl. 2 lotions are applied for 10 minutes each, followed by a conditioner to complete the process (a total of 30 - 60 minutes)

Saline Tattoo Removal

Saline tattoo removal/lightening is a specially formulated all-natural saline solution. We use LI-FT by LI pigments, which is a solution that is implanted into your existing permanent makeup or tattoo via a tattoo machine. By introducing a high concentration of salt water into the dermal layer of the skin where the pigment is, the process of osmosis is created. A process called equalization forces the pigment from the dermal layer up to the epidermis by osmotic pressure. The pigment is slowly pulled to the surface of the skin and heals into a scab. When the scab falls off, that pigment/ink comes off with it, leaving a lightened tattoo.

Meet Corinne Palmer

Owner - Corinne Palmer

Corinne has been doing permanent makeup for over 2 years. Her start in this profession stemmed from her love for beauty, makeup and making people feel amazing about themselves. She was professionally trained by Nouveau Contour in Microblading and shading in 2017 followed by training in Li-Ft Saline Tattoo removal in February of 2018.

Other certifications include Color Theory, Brow Mapping, Machine Strokes, Ombré Shading, Sterilization technique, and Blood-Bourne pathogens. She continues to further her education to keep up with this ever-changing beauty industry and to stay current with all of the state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Microblading Questions

Does Microblading Hurt?

Prior to the Microblading procedure, a topical anesthetic is applied to the area to minimize discomfort. Additionally, during the procedure, a secondary anesthetic is also used. Some clients may feel slight discomfort, but for most its relatively pain free.

How long will my eyebrows last before needing a touch up?

The average is 1 to 3 years before fading will occur and a touch-up is needed to freshen up your look and bring back the richness in color and shape. Many factors can determine this such as different skin types and lifestyles which effect the length of time your permanent make-up will last.

How long will the Microblading appointments take?

Plan on 2 hours for your first Microblading appointment. This includes: Before pictures, drawing a template, numbing, the procedure, after pictures, and aftercare instructions. The follow-up appointment will be much shorter which is 8 weeks later.

How does Microblading differ from Microshading?

Microblading uses a manual tool to create hairstrokes and Microshading uses a pen-type machine to create a beautiful powder-like background to achieve a three dimensional look. The combination of the two can create the perfect brow while still looking very natural!

Lash and Tint Questions

How long will my lash lift & tint procedure take?

This appointment typically will be about 60 minutes.

How long does the Lash Lift & Tint last?

Traditionally a lash lift lasts 6-8 weeks. To make it last longer, avoid getting the lashes wet or using mascara for 24 hours. Also avoid waterproof mascara and oil-based cleaners. As mature eyelashes naturally shed and new lashes grow in, you’ll reach a point where you have enough growth to need another lash lift.

What is the maintenance on Lash Lifts & Tint?

Pretty simple: Don't get your lashes wet or apply anything at all to them for 24 hours. Steer clear of waterproof mascara the entire life of your Lift. You don't have to do anything special with your lashes in between lifts other than giving them a good brush out daily. By following these simple guidelines, your lashes should last 6 - 8 weeks.

What is the difference between Lash Lifts and Lash Extensions?

Lash Lift involves the natural curling and perming of your lashes with a cream-based product and a silicone rod to make them appear longer and fuller while the eyelash extensions can be used for a more dramatic effect whereby a false single lash is glued to each individual natural eye lash. Both of which can enhance the lashes beautifully so ultimately it comes down to your preference.

What happens when I get my lashes Tinted?

Think of lash tinting as a semipermanent dye job for your lashes. Tinting won’t add curl, length, or volume to your lashes, but it will darken and intensify their color. If you have naturally light or blonde lashes, you’ll definitely see the most dramatic difference with a tint.

Saline Tattoo Removal Questions

How long for permanent makeup/tattoos to disappear?

Clients should be realistic in their expectations. They should expect 3-4 removal sessions before they see their desired results. The sessions must be 8 weeks apart and if new permanent makeup is to be performed, 8 weeks is also needed to ensure complete healing of the skin.

How long does a saline removal appointment take?

This depends on the size and area to be treated. Also, prior to the procedure the area will be numbed for a minimum of 20 minutes. The appointment could be any where from 60-90 minutes.

What is the healing processs for saline tattoo removal?

Aftercare is VERY important to the success of saline removal. A scab will form within a couple of days after the procedure. This is a normal part of the process. The goal is to keep the area as DRY as possible without the use of any creams or ointments. Do NOT pick or peel away any of the scabs, just let them fall off naturally. Very detailed instructions will be provided at your appointment.

How does Saline Tattoo Removal differ from Laser Tattoo Removal?

A saline solution is introduced to the skin with a machine where ink is to be removed by a method very similar to how the tattoo was initially done however an all natural salt solution is used rather than pigment/ink. It gently and effectively lifts the pigment to the surface of the skin by the process of osmosis.

The laser method removes tattoos by breaking up the pigment/ink colors with a high-intensity light beam into tiny fragments which is then absorbed by the body and rid of by way of the lymphatic system. One of the many advantages of saline removal is that it is color-agnostic which means it works on ALL colors of pigment. Some colors can not be removed by laser removal such as white, and other colors may be a lot harder to remove. Several sessions may be required with both methods and there is a waiting period of 8 weeks of healing between sessions. Laser removal typically is more costly and can be painful.

If hair is present (such as the brows) where the laser is to treat, the hair will likely not grow back and with saline the hair stays intact. The saline method is no more painful then the initial tattoo that was done. We do numb the area before and during the procedure.


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